Hi! My name is Antti.

I live in Helsinki, Finland.

I started this blog to write on world affairs and other topics that I am interested in. This blog, being very new, will find it’s final form later.

Only one thing I can say for sure now: there will be no cat-videos. Or there will be no such thing unless me or a global illuminati will put one up.

I am at the moment interested especially in propaganda, public communications and influence and in the appeal of the conspiracy theories.

I wish to believe as many true things and as little false things as possible. I’d like to find the process how to recognise the bias and the deception in public communications and perhaps to even come up with several how-to’s and instructions that would help myself and others.

Please feel free to comment my posts and also to contact me directly. I appreciate your feedback. Every post I made will be an ongoing project that will hopefully improve over time.

Thank you for your interest!


I will link some of my favorite stuff here.

contact info

email: antti.uitto@gmail.com
twitter: auitto
G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115452545527468505719/posts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/antti.uitto.3

The other blog

I have another blog at http://6files.net

It features articles about networks and telecommunications, focusing on the new Internet Protocol, IPv6. The blog has several labs where I go about configuring a service from scratch and writing it out. 6files has been rather inactive for some time now, due to the lack of equipment needed for future labs.

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