You could leave life right now

You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think. – Marcus Aurelius Yes, indeed. It is a bummer, isn’t it? How different would we all act, if we knew that this was our last day? It could be! We often act as if there was unlimited time. Things […]

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A Practice Routine

Introduction This blog post describes a continuous training you can do to incorporate Philosophy and contemplation in to your life. Enjoy! (or at least look at your suffering more objectively) The Schedule Daily Morning Meditation What will you do today, fate permitting? Go through your day step by step. What opportunities and challenges you expect […]

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Morning Meditation, the tasks

Choose ONE of these questions or thinking tasks. Ponder, and write down your answers and thoughts on it, or just work it over in your head. * What do I still lack in order to achieve freedom from negative emotions? * What do I need to achieve tranquility? * What am I? – A rational […]

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Desired vs. Admired

A nice little exercise to clarify your direction, in regard to life in general, or in relation to some specific thing. Make two short lists: Desired. The things you most desire for yourself in life. Admired. The qualities you find most praiseworthy and admirable in other people. You will often find yourself with two very different […]

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Feel the feelings

We feel all kinds of feelings about all things. That is normal. It goes on all the time, and often the messages carried by them are confusing and conflicted. If you let them dictate your direction, you will get nothing done, or you will get the wrong things done. Let your brain do the thinking. […]

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