An autumn morning

Absolutely gorgeous, stunning morning in Helsinki. Leaves are now in full colour. I see green, yellow, reddish, orange. Dark brown tree trunks. Leaves on the ground. It’s bright, beautiful and fresh here now. We are getting ready for what’s coming next. Nature is always ready for what comes next, on time. It also takes the […]

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Can you go on any length of time without sensual pleasures? How bad would it be to, for example, for one week to eat the simplest food and to drink only water, and to use all your time and powers to… things other than diving head first into instant gratification? Remember the last time you […]

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A script on how to deal with worry Notice that you are worrying. Ask: “Is this worry justified? What is the threat? Is the threat real? Am I seeing it objectively?” NOT JUSTIFIED Let the worry go. JUSTIFIED Ask: “Is there an aspect of the thing I am worrying about that is under my control?” […]

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Sunday thoughts (week 2 2017)

Remember that the mass media (especially the social media) brings you the bad news of the world; the tragedies, scare-stories,  uninformed opinions, unwarranted claims and many times just plain lies. The world is beautiful but it looks like hell via the headlines. Be accurate and honest with your efforts at anything you try to accomplish. […]

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Searching the Earth: Essential geolocation tools for verification (by Bellingcat)

As verification and open source investigation techniques and methodologies have developed over the last few years, so have the various tools and platforms used to access the information that makes this kind of work possible. In this article, we examine some of these tools, and the different uses they have in the verification and investigation […]

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