Your worst enemy

Wouldn’t it be nice to blame it all on the others? It would be at least damn convenient, but who is it that can really hurt us? The society, family, priests, police or politicians? The envious neighbours? The people you have to deal with at work? These and many more can cause you hindrance on […]

Weapons of Reason – you got them!

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present. – Marcus Aurelius If you were not born yesterday, you have already been in a pickle, gone around the block once or twice, been bullied by someone, gotten […]

Stoic Week 2017 – Wednesday

If you find anything in human life better than justice, truthfulness, self-control, courage… turn to it with all your heart and enjoy the supreme good that you have found… but if you find all other things to be trivial and valueless in comparison with virtue give no room to anything else, since once you turn […]

StoicWeek 2017 – Monday

It is first day of Stoic Week 2017! In the morning reflection we were asked to read a quote from part 4.3 from Meditations, the one where Marcus urges us to retreat into our own minds and find peace there, whenever we need. Then he advices us to keep in mind and ready to hand maxims that […]

Stoic Week 2017

Soon it’s Stoic Week! (by This year’s theme is “Self-Renewal: A Journey into Stoicism”. “Stoic Week consists of seven chapters, one for each day of the week. It gives you an opportunity to join thousands of other participants around the world as they learn to apply Stoic concepts and techniques in their daily lives. “ […]